RPL in Total VET Activity: Part 2

Following on from last year’s landmark publication, the NCVER has recently released Total VET students and courses 2015 which contains even more remarkable facts. For the very first time we start to get a picture of what is really going on…


Source: NCVER 2016, Australian vocational education and training statistics: total VET students and courses 2015, NCVER, Adelaide

In relation to the Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) related statistics, not a lot has changed which gives us an indication that whether funded or unfunded, RPL take-up remains reasonably consistent.

Again, over 4% (more than 1.2 million) of all subject enrolments last year were granted through RPL, comprising nearly 6% of delivery hours. Another substantial achievement for all those RPL candidates and RPL practitioners out there!

Other numbers that I found to be of note include:
Nearly 65% (up 5% from last year) of all students were aged 25 years and over;
34% of all students were from regional, remote of very remote localities; and
Nearly 12% (up 2% from last year) of all subjects were delivered electronically.

From my perspective, this reinforces the importance of RPL within our vocational education and training sector in reaching all communities including mature age learners amongst the emergence of educational technologies.

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22 August 2016
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