RPL Assessment Tool Kit Innovation:

How to make RPL Easier, Better and Smarter!

We only know what we know…Most of us know the RPL process to be something similar to the "Skills First Initiative" or the "West One Services" approach that were broadly publicised and promulgated earlier this century.


Of course, one of the best things for RTOs about these COAG funded projects were the free assessment materials that became available. Since that time, most of the qualifications involved have been updated and "Assessment Requirements" have been introduced, rendering these materials redundant and in need of updating. This creates an opportunity for us to improve the RPL process and associated templates. So why would we want to do that?

Have you ever known an RPL candidate who hasn't been overwhelmed when they receive a (huge) paper-based RPL Assessment Guide?

Have you ever met an Assessor who enjoys the evidence warfare when conducting an RPL Assessment?

Surely there is a better, easier and smarter way that goes beyond the Skills First or West One templates!

You may know an RPL Assessment Tool Kit by other names such as RPL Assessment Kit, RPL Assessment Guide, RPL Tool, RPL Instrument or an RPL Assessor Kit. Either way, we are referring to something that enables us to conduct and record a Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) Assessment.

A traditional RPL Assessment Tool Kit typically includes a range of documents including:

  • Information for Candidates
  • Candidate Self-Assessment/Evaluation
  • Qualification Unit or Cluster Selection
  • Candidate Application, Personal Details and Work History
  • Candidate 3 Party Referee Report Template
  • Candidate Evidence List/ Log
  • Practical Tasks, Demonstration and/or Observation Recording Sheets
  • Instructions for Assessors
  • Competency Conversation / Interview Questions and Recording Sheets
  • Competency Mapping Documents and Evidence Review Matrices
  • Benchmark Evidence Criteria and Assessment Validation

Let's assume that the equivalent of all these listed above have been developed by RTOs for their compliant Training and Assessment pathways. So why is it so difficult to build an RPL Assessment Tool Kit for the RPL Assessment Only pathway?

"New technologies and recent changes to regulations are driving changes in the way the RPL process is managed by RTOs. The ability to capture evidence using technology and the ability to store and transmit evidence through the use of the internet is opening possibilities for:

  • better collation and submission of evidence
  • improved ability to demonstrate alignment of evidence to assessment requirements
  • easier access for face to face interviewing over long distances
  • ease of compliance management
  • reduction of assessor time and travel.

With many RTOs and businesses rapidly adopting eLearning, using internet and electronic technologies, the collection of workplace evidence becomes easier and can be more secure. "
(This is an excerpt from “Recognition of Prior Learning: A Practitioner’s Guide”, a free RPL resource available for TAE trainers and students that can be downloaded from www.rpl.solutions.)

RPL123® delivers an easier, better and smarter RPL Assessment Tool Kit for only a fraction of the price of building your own or purchasing one from a training materials supplier or RTO consultant.

RPL 123® is an innovative, simple online RPL platform that:

  • guides RPL candidates through a lean, cost effective, quality RPL assessment process
  • provides compliant RPL assessment resources for any nationally recognised qualification
  • facilitates a unique, structured RPL evidence portfolio with electronic file management; and
  • improves the RPL experience for both your RPL candidates and your RTO staff.

If you are looking for easier, better and smarter ways to manage and conduct RPL for your RTO, contact us for further information or a free, no obligation consultation.

14 November 2016 © Russell Savage, WWW RPL Solutions founder, RPL123® architect and co-author of Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL): A Practitioner’s Guide.