What happened to garbos and paper-based RPL assessment tool kits?

While dining out this week, our conversation led to stories of our early employment experiences. I asked some younger folk if they had ever seen a garbage truck that didn’t have a mechanical arm that lifted wheelie bins and emptied them into the rubbish truck. After some weird looks they said, “What do you mean?”

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As a young student pursuing holiday employment, I picked up a few weeks working as a “Garbo”. Because I did not have a truck driving license, I became a full-time “Runner” which meant that I ran for most of the whole shift, jumping on and off the rubbish truck in between picking up, carrying, lifting and emptying the rubbish bins into the compactor at the back of the rubbish truck. What a great workout to start the day!

Oddly enough, many years later I was part of a project that assessed the manual handling risks experienced by Garbos prior to the introduction of wheelie bins and mechanical lifters. Consequently, the Garbos, as we knew them then, no longer exist… they are extinct!

There is little doubt that the impact of evolving and innovative technology will continue to be felt throughout our society and across our economy. The education sector has already experienced some incredible change.

"New technologies and recent changes to regulations are driving changes in the way the RPL process is managed by RTOs. The ability to capture evidence using technology and the ability to store and transmit evidence through the use of the internet is opening possibilities for:

  • better collation and submission of evidence
  • improved ability to demonstrate alignment of evidence to assessment requirements
  • easier access for face to face interviewing over long distances
  • ease of compliance management
  • reduction of assessor time and travel.

With many RTOs and businesses rapidly adopting eLearning, using internet and electronic technologies, the collection of workplace evidence becomes easier and can be more secure. "
(This is an excerpt from “Recognition of Prior Learning: A Practitioner’s Guide”, a free RPL resource available for TAE trainers and students that can be downloaded from www.rpl.solutions.)

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  • facilitates a unique, structured RPL evidence portfolio with electronic file management; and
  • improves the RPL experience for both your RPL candidates and your RTO staff.

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24 November 2016 © Russell Savage, WWW RPL Solutions founder, RPL123® architect and co-author of Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL): A Practitioner’s Guide