RTOs Go Better With RPL: 5 Reasons To RPL… Well!

What does it take to become a Vocational Education and Training “Provider of Choice” with a brand that is recognised and reputable amongst industry and community for quality, excellence and value?


What makes your Registered Training Organisation (RTO) go well?

Apart from the financial bottom line and ROI, minimising overheads and optimising fixed vs variable costs, does it also have something to do with maximising student enrolments, participation, engagement, retention, satisfaction and completions?

Standards for Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) 2015:

1.8 The RTO implements an assessment system that ensures that assessment (including recognition of prior learning):
1.12 The RTO offers recognition of prior learning to individual learners.

The term “offers” implies having the resources, capability and capacity to “do”.

Apart from satisfying the requirements outlined in these Standards for RTOs 2015, here are 5 real benefits of doing RPL well:

  1. RPL opens new markets for potential students.
  2. RPL provides more flexible options that can meet student needs.
  3. RPL enhances engagement with students.
  4. RPL improves RTO resource productivity.
  5. RPL integrates with other learning pathways to optimise student outcomes.

Thank you Shell… Go Well… Go RPL!

And for those of us who may recall the original campaign, here is a little Shell Oil nostalgia:


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8 December 2016 © Russell Savage, WWW RPL Solutions founder, RPL123® architect and co-author of Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL): A Practitioner’s Guide