Overwhelmed by RPL?

Overwhelmed by Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)?

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Has there ever been an RPL candidate who hasn't been overwhelmed by a paper-based RPL Kit?

A traditional RPL Kit typically includes a bulky pack of documents including:

  • Information for Candidates
  • Candidate Self-Assessment/Evaluation
  • Qualification Unit or Cluster Selection
  • Candidate Application, Personal Details and Work History
  • Candidate 3 Party Referee Report Template
  • Candidate Evidence Log
  • Practical Task Observation Recording Sheets
  • Sample or Suggested Evidence Guide
  • Observation Recording Sheets


And then some more for the administrators and assessors to add to the evidence warfare:

  • Instructions for Assessors
  • Competency Conversation / Interview Questions and Recording Sheets
  • Benchmark Evidence Criteria
  • Evidence Mapping Documents

Surely there is an easier, better and smarter way to manage and conduct RPL?


RPL 123® is a simple, online RPL management system that:

  • guides RPL candidates through a lean, cost effective, quality RPL assessment process
  • provides compliant RPL assessment resources for any qualification
  • produces professional RPL evidence reports with electronic file management; and
  • improves the RPL experience for both your RPL candidates and your RTO staff.

If you are looking for ways to improve RPL, contact us for further information.


7 August 2017 © Russell Savage, WWW RPL Solutions founder, RPL123® architect and co-author of Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL): A Practitioner’s Guide (a free resource that can be downloaded from www.rpl.solutions.)