7 things to look for in your online RPL solution!



Experience has shown us that effective online learning and assessment design requires a different approach when compared to other modes of learning and assessment. Simply sending emails with attachments, posting documents to an LMS or a file share system is just a different way of delivering the same old, same old paper-based resources without any real innovation or enhancements.

If you are ready for change and looking to shift your Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) assessments into the 21st century, we recommend that you look a little further.

When upgrading from a paper-based RPL kit approach, you can now expect your online RPL assessment solution to be much more cost efficient with the capability to effectively:

  • Guide RPL candidates and RTO staff through a step by step online experience;
  • Send notifications to RPL candidates and RTO staff about progress and next steps;
  • Map and manage all types and sizes of uploaded RPL evidence;
  • Facilitate the gathering of 3rd party referee reports and assessor evidence;
  • Generate printable RPL evidence portfolio reports and evidence gap checklists;
  • Provide secure, cloud-based application hosting at no extra cost; and
  • Be ready to use without any additional set up or maintenance.



We are self-confessed "RPL junkies" and experienced VET Practitioners. As architects of RPL123®, a uniquely innovative RPL assessment management system, we have authored "Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL): A Practitioners Guide", a free resource available from www.rpl.solutions.

If you are looking for ways to outsource or insource RPL services to improve your RTOs performance, please contact us for further information and a discussion about partnering opportunities.