How much do RPL kits cost your RTO?


Do you know the true cost of your "old-way" RPL kits? Have you considered all the real:

  1. direct costs associated with purchasing or building your own RPL Kits? and the
  2. indirect costs of RPL Kit maintenance every time there is a training package update? and the
  3. operating costs required by the way your RPL process and RPL Kit are designed?

"New technologies are driving change in the way RPL Kits can be designed and managed."

The ability to capture and transmit RPL assessment evidence using digital technologies and cloud-based applications is opening possibilities for:

  • easier access for interviewing and evidence gathering;
  • better collation and simpler reporting of assessment evidence; and
  • significant reduction of administration and assessment time and travel.

You may know an RPL Kit by other names such as RPL Assessment Template, RPL Assessment Guide, RPL Assessment Tool, RPL Instrument or an RPL Assessor Kit. Either way, we are referring to something that helps to facilitate and record a Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) Assessment. We also know that the Standards for Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) 2015 require RTOs to implement an assessment system including Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL).

RPL123® delivers an easier, better and smarter RPL Assessment Tool Kit for a fraction of the price of purchasing, building and maintaining your own. RPL 123® is a simple online platform that:

  • guides RPL candidates through a cost effective, quality RPL assessment process;
  • provides compliant RPL assessment resources for any nationally recognised qualification;
  • facilitates a structured RPL evidence portfolio with electronic file management; and
  • improves the RPL experience for both your RPL candidates and your RTO staff.

If you are looking for ways to improve your performance and shift your Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) Kits into the digital age (without the industrial age costs), please contact us for further information or a no obligation discussion about partnering opportunities.


We are self-confessed "RPL junkies" and experienced VET Practitioners. As architects of RPL123®, a unique RPL assessment management system, we have authored "Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL): A Practitioners Guide", a free resource available from