June 6 Live Lunchbox Webinar: Making RPL Easier, Better & Smarter…

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) is a mandatory requirement for every RTO that often seems challenging and complex for students and staff. RPL is also one of the main reasons for audit non-compliance with assessment practice requirements. This webinar will outline practical approaches to the RPL process that has been empirically developed by RPL practitioners to:

  • Optimise RPL candidate engagement and success
  • Improve efficiency and reduce costs
  • Minimise non-compliance risks

Live PD Webinar coming your way on 6TH June!

This webinar is designed for RTO leaders and VET practitioners who want to enhance their approach to RPL within an RTO environment. This is a live interactive webinar for you to share your thoughts, engage in discussion and participate in group activity. You will be provided with the following after the webinar:

  • All Presentation Notes
  • Electronic Statement of Attendance

Registrations are limited. Register now for only $49.50!

Making RPL Easier, Better & Smarter

  • Common Pitfalls & Issues with RPL “The Old Way”
  • Tips for User-Friendly RPL Kits
  • New approaches to RPL: Leveraging Technology
  • Making RPL Practical: Lean Principles
  • An Efficient RPL Process: Stages and Steps
  • Tips for RPL Evidence Gathering: Satisfying Requirements

12.30pm AEST - Wednesday 6th June

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We are self-confessed "RPL junkies" and experienced VET Practitioners. As architects of RPL123®, a uniquely innovative RPL assessment management system, we have authored "Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL): A Practitioners Guide", a free resource available from www.rpl.solutions.

If you are looking for ways to outsource or insource RPL services to improve your RTOs performance, please contact us for further information and a discussion about partnering opportunities.