RPL Assessment Tool Kit Innovation:

How to make RPL Easier, Better and Smarter!

We only know what we know…Most of us know the RPL process to be something similar to the "Skills First Initiative" or the "West One Services" approach that were broadly publicised and promulgated earlier this century.

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Understanding RPL Evidence:

More than a resume and a good chat

The RPL assessment process uses various forms of evidence to establish a candidate’s competency. In addition to meeting the Principles of Assessment, such evidence also needs to meet the Rules of Evidence, that is, the evidence provided must be:

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RPL in Total VET Activity: Part 2

Following on from last year’s landmark publication, the NCVER has recently released Total VET students and courses 2015 which contains even more remarkable facts. For the very first time we start to get a picture of what is really going on…

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Five Big Problems with RPL? Part 5 of 5

In Part 4 we discussed ways we can maintain compliant RPL assessment tools and practices, especially given the recent introduction of “Assessment Requirements”. This could include simple interpretation of training package content and the implementation of electronic portfolio management which can easily map RPL evidence to performance and knowledge evidence requirements. Have you considered this for your RPL assessment tools?

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Five Big Problems with RPL? Part 4 of 5

In Part 3 we discussed the inherent lack of confidence that staff have with RPL and how this can be systematically addressed. Perhaps an on-demand help centre or professional development mentoring will be part of the solution but most importantly, confidence will emerge alongside iterative processes with intuitive, structured work-flows that provide embedded guidance. Have you considered this for your RPL assessments?

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